What do we mean by “faculty buy-in” and how do we seek it?: A guided GCC discussion

02:00-03:00 PM EST
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The Legislative & Policy Alignment Community of Practice invites you to join us for a virtual, interactive, guided discussion on the evergreen GCC topic, “faculty buy-in,” on April 11, 2-3pm ET/11am-12pm PT! We will discuss terminology and strategies, while our main goal is to have time for practical brainstorming and goal-setting.


Session learning goals:

  • Define faculty buy-in
  • Get input from articles, to expand our definition(s) of faculty buy-in and discuss strategies towards getting faculty buy-in
  • Brainstorm ideas to get support and buy-in from faculty on one of your projects
  • Set goals to implement some of the strategies discussed as a group

Optional reading ahead of the session:


Please note that this is a live discussion, therefore the Zoom session will NOT be recorded.


The session will be facilitated by the co-chairs of the Legislation and Policy Alignment CoP*:

  • Alicia Roy, PhD (she/her)
  • Bénédicte Gnangnon, PhD (she/her)
* The Legislation and Policy Alignment CoP seeks to bring together GCCers to discuss and navigate times where our work providing holistic career & professional development support is impacted by national or state-level political decisions and legal regulations. Contact Béné Gnangnon (she/her) at bgnan@bu.edu or Alicia Roy (she/her) at a.arielroy@gmail.com for info!

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