2024 Mid-Career Professionals Workshop: Building Your Skills and Resilience in Times of Rapid Change

12:15 PM - 4:15 PM
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2024 Mid-Career Professionals Workshop: June 4, 2024, 12:15 pm to 4:15 pmAll GCC members are invited to join this half-day workshop to build your capacity in career coaching by leveraging ChatGPT, as well as building your capacity for resilience through self-care, reflection, and a change mindset.

Part I: ChatGPT for Career Coaches: Scale Up Your Coaching

Providing specific career advice for each student, postdoc, or alum is a monumental task, especially when you serve hundreds or thousands of job-seekers. But ChatGPT is a chance to fundamentally reshape that equation, leveraging your existing coaching expertise in concert with this new technology to dramatically scale up your impact. Our speaker is Jeremy Schifeling, co-founder of the Job Insiders and author of Career Coach GPT: The Complete Guide to ChatGPT Resume, Cover Letter, Interview, and Job Search Success.

Part II: Self-Care, Reflection, Resilience, and a Change Mindset

Periods of rapid change can lead to imposter fears and a sense of burnout as we try to cope. In this workshop, Dr. Donna Dopwell will help us identify strategies to build self-care activities, reflection, and resilience by engaging a change mindset. Dr. Dopwell is Assistant Professor and Director of Social Work at Tennessee State University, and she will lead us through activities that can help us build resilience while we cope with rapid change in our work environment.

The registration cost for the 2024 Mid-Career Professionals Workshop is $150.

Setting: Live Virtual
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